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Security Monitoring Service - Cyber security experts - London

At Teceze, our security monitoring service team will monitor all cyber threats to protect your network, applications and users throughout the day. They will deliver alerts in real time, as log management and compliance reports.

1-Monitoring that Evolves Constantly

Teceze’s Security Monitoring Service

Security Monitoring that Evolves Constantly

Using predefined rules, security monitoring services are designed to meet all compliance requirements and identify known-attacks. However, security monitoring approach does not have the ability to detect possible attacks which are designed with a high level of sophistication and created to remain hidden and to bypass those rules. Teceze ensures your business will benefit from a superior level of Security Monitoring service. As a result, you will benefit from an advanced level of cyber defence that is comprehensive and operates smartly.



Big Data SIEM Platform

Introducing the very best in SIEM Technologies, we can gather event logs and security events around the clock. They also have the ability to enhance any SIEM that you are currently using.
– Process your data on leading big data SIEM platforms.
– Detect and define known attacks through constant updates and application of rules.
– Actionable alerts delivered to you, while remaining focused on real cyber threats.

2-Big Data SIEM Platform
3-3.Security Monitoring Use Cases Tailored to Your Business


Security Monitoring Use Cases Tailored to Your Business

Evaluating your organisational needs and potential business risks, we design a security use case which would be effective for your business. Our cyber security experts use the weight of industry wide use cases and consider asset criticality, usage, connectivity and user data to create use cases that are custom to you. You will benefit from alerts that may be actions that reduce false positives.

                                 Why Choose Teceze’s Security Monitoring Service?

We have the capability to identify and detect known attacks and Compliance Violations at Machine Speed.


Security Monitoring 24×7

At Teceze, we have over a thousand experts to monitor your alerts around the clock. Our security monitoring team implements our ever-changing rules to detect threats and non-compliances before sending actionable alerts to you.

3-4. Security Monitoring
3-5.Extended Security Monitoring


Extended Security Monitoring

Our security monitoring team monitors both Hybrid and Private Cloud Infrastructures. Using our exclusive connectors along with use cases, makes it possible for us to detect cyber attacks on cloud consoles. This enhances the protection levels of your cloud infrastructure from a wide range of deployments, which includes PaaS and SaaS.


Protect Popular Platforms 

Detection of all new age attacks on cloud apps is made possible through deep connectors and specialised use cases. This includes preferences such as Azure and AWS. Teceze offers comprehensive cover for Azure and Office 365 components such as email, DLP, SharePoint, Intune and Dynamics.

3-6.Protect Popular Platforms
3-7.Monitor Beyond Compliance


Monitor Beyond Compliance

It goes beyond the simple monitoring which supports only future audits. We set up tracking that knows about the deeper risks of your business and the criteria of your use cases. Our security monitoring team then monitors our mechanisms to prioritise alerts before investigating them and decide on the qualified incidents that need our attention.

Our expert team is here to help with any questions you have regarding our products or services.  Fill out the form below or contact us on +44 0208 050 5014

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