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What is Infrastructure Penetration Testing | Teceze Pvt Ltd

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Continuously detect and protect against attacks, anytime, anywhere.

Infrastructure (Network) Penetration Testing is an effective method to detect vulnerabilities and security flaws underlying in your network. This method ensures that your business is secure from cyber attacks and breaches. The vulnerabilities in your network could very well grant access to a cyber intruder to meddle and compromise the networks. This network penetration testing methodology provides an overview about your business’ security loopholes. Infrastructure penetration testing is also performed to assess an organization’s Compliance with information security policies and its response rate to cyber threats. This method assesses the business’ internal and external networks.

Infrastructure (Network) penetration testing are off 2 types;

Why You Need Infrastructure Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing is an important method in Cyber security strategy. Infrastructure penetration testing provides a detailed insight on your business’ security posture. This method blocks the possibilities of cyber threats and cyber incidents from happening because it identifies the vulnerabilities and paves the chance to remediate.

The network penetration testing is an IP-based network security assessment.

Internal Network Penetration Testing – In this testing practice, assessment of your internal network is done. A skilled penetration tester will evaluate your network posing as one of the users who would have access to your internal network. This is performed because most of the breaches and cyber attacks initiate within the organization due to human error. Also, checks for security misconfigurations which would grant access to a user to access confidential information and misusing them. Insider accomplice could cause data breach and so much damage to an organization’s reputation. This internal penetration testing methodology will help you to understand the vulnerable components from network to application level.

Infrastructure Penetration Testing
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External Network Penetration Testing – In this method, the security posture of your external infrastructure is evaluated for vulnerabilities and security flaws prevailing in servers, hosts and devices. The skilled penetration tester will assess all of your internet facing assets from a cyber intruder point of view to identify a way to access your network. This includes the assessment of your security tools like firewalls and intrusion prevention systems that are put-forth to protect your external networks. This external network penetration testing reveals how effective are your security measures and if there are loopholes for a hacker to penetrate your network from outside.

Network penetration testing is required to ensure that your business security infrastructure is secure and meets with Compliance standards with rapid threat detection and response.

Key Benefits of Infrastructure Penetration Testing?

Assures that your systems and all network controls are thoroughly assessed for vulnerabilities.

Helps you to manage security flaws and act on remediation.

Installation of software patches, firewall reconfiguration or encryption protocols are overlooked and reported.

Documented proof that you comply with IT Compliance regulations and Security standards.

Keeps you and business safe from cyber incidents and security breaches. Therefore, protection against reputational damage.

Assures data protection which gives confidence to your customers and clients that you are reliable and trustworthy.

What Teceze’s Infrastructure Penetration Testing Offers to Your Business?

Teceze’s experienced pen testers have the technical skillset to perform penetration testing. Our penetration testing experts possess a strong technical background and have succeeded in finding the vulnerabilities for our clients. We make sure your systems and networks are very secure and are not in harm’s way. We comply with the Microsoft Rules of Engagement.

Teceze’s Network Penetration Testing service offers the following;

Teceze has a dedicated team of penetration testing professionals. Our expert pen testers are highly qualified with strong technical knowledge. We provide a thorough assessment and is conducted in a secure manner. Upon completion of Infrastructure pen testing, we provide a detailed report on the vulnerabilities and the calculated risk their business would have faced. We provide countermeasures as an act of remediation.

Our expert team is here to help with any questions you have regarding our products or services.  Fill out the form below or contact us on +44 0208 050 5014

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