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Unified Communications

At Teceze, we aim to deliver an integrated communications solution, that enables your business to move forward by collaborative and flexible working. Through our Professional Services Practice, we can bring together all of your communication platforms into one efficient system for voice calls, messaging and video conference. Regardless of the sector you operate in or the size of your business, we can help you to connect with colleagues and customers in an efficient and effective way.

Our dedicated Unified Communications service makes it possible for your business to operate efficiently. Also, the right design, support and technology makes it possible for you to have an IT environment that is effective, scalable and set up in the right way to support your business.

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We work closely with you to understand more about your current system and what you require. Therefore, we identify areas that are critical to your network such as bandwidth and security and then we take a methodical and logical approach to find a solution. This enables us to reduce your costs and create a dedicated cloud-based unified communications solution that encourages a flexible way of working.

We offer industry-leading solutions that give your business the scope to expand and grow while increasing productivity by as much as 25% and decreasing operational and capital costs by as much as 35%.

We have the ability to manage complex network infrastructures, applications, connected devices and cloud-based service through the use of ITIL-based processes, Governance and tools. Therefore, we can help your business to improve service levels, increase security and compliance, and enhance end-to-end availability.

Unified Messaging Solution

Our unified messaging solution is aimed to provide access to a wide range of tools to give your employees the breadth of choice in a way, in which they connect and work with colleagues and customers. Our innovative unified communications solutions include:

Custom’s unified messaging solutions provide access to a variety of tools, giving your workers a flexible breadth of choice in, how to connect and collaborate based on their use cases and preferences. A key component of our innovative unified communciations solutions include:

– Resource Sharing
– Desktop Sharing
– Integrated Voice, Video and email messaging
– Tele-presence

It will enable your business to operate using a scalable, adaptable and flexible solution that gives you access to your communication system using a single interface anyplace, anytime.


Your integrated information streams and systems will enable you to:

–  Work with your information in real-time instead of managing it
–  A consistent level of communication

–  A choice of communication options to suit individual needs
–  Meet industry standards

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Our specialists work to a desired plan to integrate your business communications systems into a simple-to-use interface that offers an exceptional level of access, as well as, transform the way in which your business works.

–  Your business will be accessible using different technologies
–  Productivity will increase and costs will reduce
–  Smarter working

–  An environment that is secure, stable, reliable and scalable, while moulding around the needs of your business.
–  Enhanced customer service

Telecom Expense Management

Through in-depth telecom expense assessment and solution design, we can take your communication needs and streamline them to enhance efficiency, increase saving while ensuring your customers stay with you.

Our expert team is here to help with any questions you have regarding our products or services.  Fill out the form below or contact us on +44 0208 050 5014

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