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Managed Security Services | Managed IT Services and Cybersecurity service|24X7

Managed Security Services

Keep your organisation secure with UK's trusted MSSP

The Teceze Managed Services are provided using our team of highly skilled security professionals. The team are based out of our head quarters in London, UK. Baked up by resources globally to provide a follow the sun support model, 24×7

We offer a number of services to customer and our partners alike. Breakdown and overview of these
services is as per the below:

Firewall Managed Service (including SSL decryption, UTM)

The Teceze managed firewall service offers a holistic management solution for third-party firewall technologies. This is to help customers improve the effectiveness and security of their internal and perimeter firewalls. Our approach to firewall management includes Incident and Event Monitoring & Management. As part of our solution, an event processor will be installed on site reporting to the Security Operations Centre where all incidents are logged for accurate remediation.

The service includes (but not limited too):

Firewall security service

Security Perimeter design

Our professional Services Practice makes it possible for our security architects to assist you with all aspects of security perimeter design, follow-on support and everything else in between. This enables your business to benefit in the best possible way. Extensive design capability and the best technologies underpin our security design service, delivering an effective and scalable IT environment that will align with your objectives and future goals.

Remote working solutions | antivirus

Antivirus Managed Service

All endpoint devices, including PCs, laptops, mobile devices and point of sale (POS) devices, must comply with the newest regulations before they are granted access to network systems. At Teceze we offer the most innovative endpoint protection solutions that proactively secure against malicious activity and identify vulnerable endpoints. Organisations need integrated, comprehensive network security services that provide an extra layer of advanced malware protection. Through our state-of-the-art Security Operations Centre (SOC), we are enabled to detect malware, block suspicious activity, continuously analyse network systems and respond to the most sophisticated forms of attack.

Web Security Gateway Managed Service

Our managed secure web gateway service can keep your staff working with both safety and efficiency and let them forget about the everpresent threat of malware, both known and unknown.

Physical & Virtual Server Security Managed Service

Securing data and information is one of the most important steps when it comes to IT Security. In the case of a server attack, the consequences are enormous and hazardous. Secure your entire IT infrastructure now with our monitored server protection services.

Intrusion Prevention Managed Service

Intrusion detection and prevention services help organisations maintain their networks security by constantly monitoring network systems for malicious activity. The Teceze managed Intrusion Detection Service (IDS)/ Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) services are designed to effectively respond to today’s evolving threats before they impact your business.

Vulnerability Management Managed Service

Our ‘always on’ Managed Vulnerability Scanning service puts experienced analysts armed with industry-leading tools on hand to identify, classify and prioritise security weaknesses as detected. Without interrupting business-as-usual, Teceze experts will provide clear reporting and actionable intelligence on verified risks, revealing the best route for remediation. With results verified, prioritised and aligned against real threats in the wild, our service ensures you can take swift and effective action to keep your business secure on an on-going basis.

Patch Management Managed Service

Patch Management as a Service (PMaaS) removes the administrative overhead on IT Operations staff to ensure IT systems remain compliant and secure. Leveraging industry-leading patch management tools to take complete ownership and manage delivery to servers and endpoints. Reliable detection and remediation for Windows and third-party software.

Penetration Testing

At Teceze, we rely on our expertise to perform and manage all aspects of penetration testing for our clients. We use a process that is clear and simple in order to identify and manage the risk of all attacks.

Inventory Management Managed Service

Maintain a complete repository of all the assets in the organisation with in-depth visibility. This allows our managed services professionals to easily identify critical assets and analyse the impact of incidents and changes.

Configuration & Compliance Management Managed Service

Automate tracking and validation of IT configuration compliance using an business defined and integrated approach. Allowing out team to map and automate testing of technical control procedures to see all changes and deviations from approved configurations.

Privileged Access Management Managed Service

Privileged Access Management enables organisations to reduce the risk of security breaches by minimizing the attack surface. Privileged Access Management solutions help you consolidate identities, deliver crossplatform, least-privilege access and control shared accounts, while securing remote access and auditing all privileged and remote sessions.

Mobile Device Management Managed Service

Teceze offer a turnkey solution for mobile device management – for all devices that access your network. MDM solutions and services secure, monitor and manage mobile devices in the workplace. MDM ensures the security of sensitive corporate data and devices.

Mobile Security Managed Service

Using the best-of-breed technologies, Teceze helps organisations gain visibility and control the need to craft and implement a mobile security strategy. Our security experts can congruently provide mobile security employee training to ensure your staff will not fall prey to advanced mobile malware.

Active Directory Auditing Managed Service

In real-time, ensure critical resources in the network like the Domain Controllers are audited, monitored and reported with the entire information on AD objects – Users, Groups, GPO, Computer, OU, DNS, AD Schema and Configuration changes.

Data Discovery Managed Service

Data Discovery and Management (DDAM) is designed to help organisations gain control over disparate data assets organisation-wide. DDAM includes a ‘living’ data inventory, built-in private and sensitive data discovery, data retention management. DDAM is compatible with structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Managed Service

DLP as a service offers the same protection as on-site DLP solutions, but it ensures continuous monitoring and protection without the staffing and expertise required to manage a DLP program in house. DLP as a managed service works for any organisation at any time because it is deliverable anywhere and enables rapid deployment and scalability. Overall, DLP as a service simplifies and expedites DLP deployment and integration into existing environments.

Application Software Security Managed Service

Teceze provide customers the testing, flexibility, scalability, and cost savings to deliver the application testing coverage you require to achieve your risk management goals. Application security encompasses measures taken to improve the security of an application often by finding, fixing and preventing security vulnerabilities.

Different techniques are used to surface such security vulnerabilities at different stages of an applications lifecycle such design, development, deployment, upgrade, maintenance. 

Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) Managed Services

Managed SIEM is designed to apply our expert threat and security intelligence to the activity on your network. If you’re a typical business you’ve probably got multiple different security products, already translating everything that’s going on into millions of log entries. Your challenge is that you probably don’t have the time to sift through all the noise, looking for the security events that actually matter – and even if you did you may not have the in-house skills and tools to identify them.

24x7x365 Security Operations Centre Managed Service

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) integrates into an organisation’s IT infrastructure to ensure the entire network is secure and compliant. We offer our clients a single pane of glass on all aspects of an organisation’s network security in order to support, detect and remediate through the use of our SOC.

Our expert team is here to help with any questions you have regarding our products or services.  Fill out the form below or contact us on +44 0208 050 5014

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